November 23, 2005
November 24, 2005
November 25, 2005
November 26, 2005
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 - 5.00 pm
Solemn Mass with Gregorian Chant
The Choir of the Basilica of Saint Peter (Cappella Giulia)
Conductor Pablo Colino

The Main Altar of the Cattedra
Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican

The Basilica of Saint Peter is the venue for the opening concert of the Festival di Musica e Arte Sacra. The concert centres around the solemn Liturgy interspersed with Gregorian chant and music.

An outstanding feature of the catholic Liturgy, Gregorian chant has always formed an integral part of Mass celebrated at the Vatican Basilica.
In a document published on 22 November 2003, Pope John Paul II applauded the artistic merit, universal worth and spiritual significance of this sacred music.
The Choir of the Basilica of Saint Peter, the Cappella Giulia, has for centuries been a faithful interpreter and foremost exponent of Gregorian chant.

The celebration of the solemn Liturgy is without question the most fitting event for the inauguration of the IV Festival di Musica e Arte Sacra.